Conference Summary – Synergy 2015

Citrix Synergy Banner 2015

I have been going to Synergy since 2008 when XenDesktop came out and now today when the most talked about thing is Workspace Cloud in 2015.  This was the last year in Orlando and next year it will be in Vegas.  The 2 years at each place has worked out well and the places they have picked have been good. Let’s get down to business of what they announced and some of the trends I saw while there. Session Stats 143 Presentations, 4801 Slides, Average Slide Count 47 Biggest PowerPoint, SYN416 HP Converged Reference Architecture 216 MB Most Slides, 255, AOL case study NetScaler for security and scalability – SYN251 Least Slides, 10, Meet the Winners of Citrix App Challenge – SYN224 Lots of XenMobile Upgrade Presentations, aka you should upgrade Lots of Workspace Cloud Presentations to try and set some expectations. Lots of great content from non-Citrix employees. Synergy 2015 Summary Simple Summary -Lots of cool stuff came out. Time will tell as always in IT.  We have to see if it all can install and not catch on fire and how the actual upgrade process goes. Citrix still Loves XenApp. They have realized that it still is the… Read more