Stratodesk NoTouch Center in Azure

If you don’t know, I love VDI and Security things, but I have a special place for thin clients in the VDI world.  I have been using and managing thin client solutions for around 14 years and I have seen many solutions come and go and what works and what doesn’t.  The admin nerd in me loves the simplicity of a thin client solution over a traditional Windows endpoint.  Having to manage its domain membership, group policies, OS patching and third-party application patching gets to be a full-time job pretty quickly depending on the number of devices to manage.  When we move to a thin client solution, we still must manage them, but they typically will also be the same OS and patch level of other components and can be managed from one console instead of multiple.  The administrative benefits are great but also the security nerd comes out and knows there is massive attack surface difference with having a purpose-built device to connect to VDI systems.  Most thin clients will have to be patched less than monthly unless there is a security issue. Third-party applications are usually included in those updates, they get configured typically once and you’re done. … Read more