Apple and the FBI

Phone Rights Apple and the FBI

As a Security Nerd and someone who has worked in the intelligence community I have followed some cases over the years but this one takes the cake for sure.  This is a big deal and below I will go over things in some pretty good detail of what the FBI wants from the Apple and how these things align with other legal precedents and some other related thoughts. Privacy has always been a very interesting thing since the commercialization of the computer and the internetification of the TCP\IP network.  Apple has done a lot for peoples privacy since the release of IOS with version 8 in late 2014 prevented the unlocking of data when a device was seized by law enforcement without the Passcode based on its AES 256 key system (iOS7 could self destruct with bad pass codes also, but IOS8 tied the encryption to it so you started to have to know it).  Then when IOS 9 came out they stepped it up again with two-factor enablement with TouchID and a couple other things to make it more better.  Also going from 4 digits (10k combinations) to now over a million combinations with 6 alphanumeric passcodes.  That becomes… Read more