Slow Rural Internet

Rural Internet & 4G LTE Goodness If you live out in the middle of “nowhere” without high-speed internet then this blog is for you.  There are a lot of people that don’t have this problem because most metropolitan areas have some form of high-speed internet.  I have been struggling with this since for 6 years when the house we got didn’t have Cable Internet like the seller mentioned and was not in the service area from anyone.  How bad is it compared to the normal options like Cable or Fiber that most people have access too?  Really bad it can be thousands of times slower than most other options people have.  Examples of Slow DSL – Someone is watching any streaming service but anyone in the house uploads a picture to anything and the internet will come to a crawl for 2-5 minutes for most pictures.  These slow systems have the most difficult time uploading anything.  You want to upload a 100MB movie it will take around 1-2 hours in most cases.  I don’t think there could ever be a Media creator with this type of Internet because you cannot share things with the world because of the time it takes and how all other task will… Read more

First Citrix Synergy Conference as a CTP

First off, it really is just a “wow” moment that I never thought would happen between the 2017 and 2018 Synergy. It has been a wild 12 months from just being a normal Citrix Nerd to a Citrix CTA in September last year, to a Citrix CTP in February 2018. This Citrix Synergy is the most important to date because this is my first time being a Citrix CTP. I have always, and continue to, look up to all the current and past CTPs as my Citrix Super Heroes and now I have made it to the Citrix Justice League, or the Avengers, whichever you prefer. Important Links Main Schedule Breakout Sessions Schedule Have the Citrix Phone Apps (Have your confirmation code and the email you registered with) Top 5 Reasons I go to Synergy Meet People–I have made so many friends over the past 10 years of going and that is why it is number one. I have run into people that live all over the world but we all have one thing in common we use Citrix and we use it all different ways which is awesome. Hear from People related to number one but I love hearing presentations… Read more