How to Install Citrix PowerShell Plugins Step by Step

How to Install Citrix PowerShell Plugins Step by Step In case you are just starting with Citrix and or PowerShell this should be helpful on showing you how to get going. This gets your admin workstation ready to do work from it instead of always remoting to the Delivery Controllers. You could just find these MSIs and Launch them all and walk through the wizards but creating this script will take less time and if anything it helps with understanding basic troubleshooting with scripting that can be used and how easy things can be scripted. I’m no scriptmaster I’m just lazy. This is a lazy way to make a quick installer file without any coding just some copying and pasting. There are always things you can script but sometimes it is easier and simpler to just do it manually because there are not that many items to work with. This is a way an old Microsoft Jedi taught me how make simple scripts quickly without typing it all out, “Sometimes it is easier to script and sometimes it is easier to just do it manually”. Have you been like I need to run something from Citrix commands from PowerShell and… Read more